Recent projects include:-

The Albert Bedane Plaque

Bedane plaqueThis project is to honour the bravery of Albert Bedane in harbouring jews and escaped prisoners of war during World War 2. A Plaque has been erected in Roseville Street, at the the site of his former home.

This is a joint project with the Jersey Heritage Trust and springs from an idea by Blue Badge Guide Sue Hardy.



Francis Street Pump

francis Street Pump plaqueAfter consultation with the Parish of St. Helier and other interested bodies, it was resolved at the meeting on 21st April 2004 to undertake the refurbishment of the pump in Francis Street. This pump is the last surviving town pump and was in use until early in the 20th century. The refurbishment started with the removal of the pump in early November. The project was completed on 20th December 2004. More

Allix's Shipyard

Allix's Shipyard plaqueThis project, which began in 1999, is to revamp Allix's Shipyard at Havre des Pas. The plan, drawn up by architect Richard Le Sueur, with input from the Vingtaine and people from the Havre des Pas area, is to amalgamate the existing public area on the promenade with the garden area to make one large area from the promenade to the main road along Havre des Pas. The plan for this new enlarged area features a large boat like structure to represent the maritime history of the site with planting designed to be able to withstand the marine environment. This imaginative plan is financed by the Urban Renewal sub-committee and the Vingtaine, was completed in March 2003 and won a Jersey Design Award in 2004. More

Victor Hugo Plaque

Victor Hugo Plaque on the Pomme D'Or HotelA plaque has been erected on the Pomme D'Or Hotel to commemorate the fact that Victor Hugo stayed there when he first came to Jersey in 1852.

The placing of this plaque was sponsored by the Seymour Hotel Group and the project was completed in May 2002. More



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